I live in the Cotswolds, England, surrounded by great landscapes and woodlands; my ideal playground for work and leisure. I love creating whether it be furniture, music or drawing. Everything has a purpose and has been developed through the design process.

After a fully served apprenticeship I am a cabinetmaker with over 21 years experience in trade and a lifetime gathering inspiration from around the globe. I source and hand select the finest grade timbers.
I love using my hands to create what my mind visualizes and what no machine can replicate. My products are the timeline of my life, each item is from a period of my existence creating and designing.

I can never spend enough time in my ‘ live / work studio’, I love being surrounded by my toys i.e. bikes, snowboards, guitars, motorbikes; they give me inspiration. I love spending time outdoors downhill mountain biking or snowboarding, getting down a mountain as fast as you can… paragliding wins!

To relax I drive my van to the coast, I love the slow paced lifestyle, being by the ocean and great sunsets whilst playing the guitar. My two favourite inspiring passions are travelling and music, I have travelled to some amazing places of interest and met some great people gathering an eclectic music library. Working in trade in other countries definitely broadened my making knowledge.

Howard Butler on Mountain Bike