Howard Butler

Bespoke Furniture

Howard Butler

Blood Diamond

Commission, TaBLE

The table is regency design using Walnut burr and Maple inlays and cockbeading. Putting my contemporary spin on things, all cockbeading, veneer patterns and profiles are diamond shaped combining the theme ‘ Blood Diamond’.


I wanted to make something that would capture people’s interest, also showcasing my traditional cabinetmaking skills. 

Shape and Form

This is apparent on the top. A ‘diamond’ sits in the centre of the top surrounded by inlays in a mirrored scallop, perfect to bounce light. Also on the top, you will see pools of ‘blood’ supporting the controversial theme ‘Blood Diamond’. A statement reminding people to check the source of their diamonds – don’t support the blood lost in war zones in search of gem stones. 


Selecting the right material for a Howard Butler piece is an essential part of developing it’s character. Knowing not only how it will look aesthetically today but how it will age and strengthen over time. Each HB creation also comes with a guide on how to keep it fresh and last a lifetime.

 Rosewood / Walnut / Maple 

“From every angle, the more you look the more you will find.”

“Perfection is all in the execution”