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I am a cabinet maker and designer living in the Cotswolds, England where I was born, and where I served my apprenticeship. It is from this stunning and inspirational part of the United Kingdom that I now run my successful business.

I design modern contemporary furniture to order, accentuating traditional cabinet making methods.
Hand cut joints are a specialty of mine and the use of a specific joint for bespoke items is discussed with the client during the design process.

I hand pick the finest materials from well-maintained timber yards. Joints reflected in design are chosen to allow the timber to breath while gently aging; resulting in long life and durability thus maintaining functionality and the freshness of the design.

“Practical modern art serving functional requirements.”

I have always had the passion to create and design from an early age and as a young lad could often be found making benches, seating arrangements or storage out of old pallets. My passion remains and having served an apprenticeship and gained experience from working internationally, I have a wider knowledge of my trade which benefits my clients. I have worked in Queenstown, New Zealand and Zurich, Switzerland installing within homes that have architectural importance. My work as a cabinet maker can be found in the homes of the rich and famous.

Howard Butler is a furniture designer of distinction whose work represents some of the finest style and craftsmanship of its age. By drawing on his considerable knowledge, Howard has pushed the boundaries to create contemporary bespoke furniture that gives a desirable focal point in the home.


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After a fully served apprenticeship I am a cabinetmaker with over 21 years experience in trade and a lifetime gathering inspiration from around the globe. I source and hand select the finest grade timbers….



From grain pattern and colour, to strength and durability, combining timbers can create great contrast, be it subtle or bold, showing off well executed cabinet making jointing or personalizing your piece of HB furniture….



The key factor of my furniture is that I use traditional jointing methods. I love hand cut joints, the essence quality, and the epitome of craftsmanship….